Jackie's Ferret Decals and Stuff

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My guys!

These are some of my guys. No one from this group is still with me but many have come and gone thru the years!  I currently have 5 of my own but I will continue to bring home fosters from out local ferret shelter -the ones still with me are: Furrari : 7 yrs old, Koda: 4 yrs  old, and my baby Sierra: 9 yrs old.  They are the joy of my life and I wouldn't know what to do without them. These guys are the reason I make the things I do...I sell on ebay and at ferret shows to help with their medical expenses. I have met many wonderful ferret owners this way who have become great friends!

These are my babies at the bridge:

 At the bridge: Taz,Opie,Harvey,Buster,Plato,Cybil,Simon,Coby,Peanut,Lexi,Bandit,Mo,Echo, Precious,BumbleBear,Dominic,Mindy,Trance, Adrian, Hershey,Honey, Laney,Voodoo, Wally,Sir Duke, Zipper,Duchess,Snowflake,Cinnabun, Riley, Sable, Sammy

About me!

For starters my name is Jackie from Pittsburgh Pa and I am owned by 5 fuzzbutts of my own and often bring home the terminal and oldies from our local ferret shelter the "Hide e Hole Ferret Rescue". I really like the old and ill one's and try to relieve the shelter mom at times when she has some terminal or just really old ones that need more individual attention to try to make their lives more comfortable till they pass.

My email address is:  fuzzymum@verizon.net

What I am doing!

Because of these wonder critters called Ferrets I love making items that either they can use or their owners but mostly owners since ebay is full of items that ferrets need. I try to keep ahead of the vet bills but that is nearly impossible...we have a great vet with some great prices but that can get ahead of you. I am hoping there are some items that I have made that you just can't live without!  Please take a look and know with each purchase my fuzzies and I are saying THANK YOU!

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